Functions & Events

In addition to allowing the general public to tour the gardens, Conestoga House is available for use by non-profit groups for events, such as benefit or fundraising functions, retreats, small conferences, receptions and group picnics. The house and gardens are made available to such groups through the courtesy of the Steinman family and the James Hale Steinman Conestoga House Foundation.

Conestoga House is available to nonprofit groups for functions and events.

Conestoga House is available to nonprofit groups for functions and events.

Please note neither the house nor the gardens are available for private or family parties, weddings, or wedding receptions or private photo sessions.

Approval for an event must be obtained from the Steinman family or the Estate Manager prior to the event.

Reservation Requests

To reserve the house or gardens for an event, please fill out this form or email the estate manager at Requests may also be made by calling Conestoga House at 717-397-5353 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and speaking with the Estate Manager.

You will be notified by the Estate Manager if your request has been approved.

Please note that making a request does not guarantee availability.

General Notes

Please be aware our staff is limited. Therefore the house and grounds are not available for use on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays.

Please be as specific as possible when filling out the request form as to any tables, electrical outlets or other equipment that you would like Conestoga House to provide for your function or event.

If you have not used the house before, we strongly recommend you make an appointment with the estate manager to view the facilities before submitting your request.

Conestoga House is available to nonprofit groups for functions and events.

Conestoga House is available to nonprofit groups for functions and events.

Eating on the Grounds

The dance floor has an eating area with seating for 32 people and is available for use during an event.

There is limited access to kitchen facilities in the main house for food refrigeration.

Groups are expected to remove all refuse generated by the event.


Because of the way in which the gardens were originally laid out and terraced, parts of the garden are only accessible by walking, including the use of steps.

The lower areas of the garden can be accessed by people with limited mobility, those who need assistance walking and people in wheelchairs or on scooters.

Use of the Pool

The pool is available for use during an event. Permission must be obtained in advance. A certified life guard must be provided by the group. A copy of the certification must be supplied prior to use of the pool.

Restrooms and changing areas are available in the bathhouse adjacent to the pool.

Indoor Events

Much of the furniture in Conestoga House is antique and therefore may not be moved or removed from any of the rooms under any circumstances.


Smoking is prohibited in Conestoga House and in the gardens at all times.


Pets are not permitted in the gardens.