About the Steinmans

On February 2, 1922, James Hale Steinman married Louise McClure Tinsley of Baltimore, Maryland. They had three daughters: Louise Tinsley, Caroline Morgan Hale and Beverly Randolph. Interested in preserving the historic heritage of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they purchased Conestoga House in 1927.  It was at this house that the Steinmans entertained internationally known celebrities, as well as leaders in government and business life.

Biography of James Hale Steinman

James Hale Steinman

James Hale Steinman

James Hale Steinman for many years was associated with his brother, John Frederick Steinman, in the newspaper, commercial printing, radio and television businesses.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1886, he was the son of Andrew Jackson and Caroline Morgan Hale Steinman. He was a descendant of one of Lancaster’s oldest families, whose first members came to Philadelphia in 1751 from Dresden, Saxony, Germany. They settled in Lititz, Pennsylvania in 1752.

James Hale obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in 1908 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1911. He practiced law in Lancaster for a few years before joining his father and brother, John Frederick Steinman, in the newspaper publishing business.

James Hale Steinman also served in the U.S. Army during World War I, holding the ranks of Assistant Adjutant, Division Adjutant and Lieutenant Colonel from 1917 to 1919.

In 1929, the brothers purchased the WGAL (reported to stand for World’s Garden at Lancaster) radio station and went on to set up one of the first licensed VHF television stations in the nation, WGAL-TV. The station went on the air in 1949.

Before his death, James Hale held the positions of President and Co-Publisher of Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., publishing the Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News. Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. has since become LNP Media Group, Inc., and continues to publish Lancaster County’s daily newspaper, LNP.

James Hale Steinman also was Chairman of the Board of Intelligencer Printing Company and Delmarva Broadcasting Company.  At the time, Delmarva Broadcasting Company  was comprised of five radio stations — in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and Easton, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware — and four television stations — in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Tucson, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Providence, Rhode Island and New Bedford, Massachusetts areas. Both companies have since been sold by Steinman Communications.

In 1920, James Hale was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was Democratic County Chairman for three years.  He served on the Pennsylvania State Planning Board and was Chairman of the Defense Council of Lancaster County from 1940 to 1944. From 1944 to 1946, he was Director of the Printing and Publishing Division of the War Production Board. James Hale also had the pleasure of serving as President of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association, was Treasurer of the American Newspaper Publishers Association and a Director of the Bureau of Advertising.

James Hale Steinman became a Trustee of the Henry G. Long Home, serving as President of the Board from 1955 to 1962.  In 1960, he was as one of the founders of the Lancaster Boys Club which is still in operation  today as The Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster.   James Hale also had the honor of being a member of the Board of Trustees of Franklin & Marshall College and a Director of the Hamilton Watch Company.

In 1951, James Hale established the James Hale Steinman Foundation to further his charitable, educational and community interests in Lancaster County. At the same time, his brother, John Frederick, established the John Frederick Steinman Foundation for a similar purpose.  In January 2014, the two foundations merged to form The Steinman Foundation.  The new foundation affirmed its commitment to the communities that comprise Lancaster County.

James Hale Steinman died on December 31, 1962.

Biography of Louise McClure (Tinsley) Steinman

Louise McClure (Tinsley) Steinman

Louise McClure (Tinsley) Steinman

Louise McClure Tinsley was born on December 11, 1899 in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Thomas Garland and Louise McClure Tinsley. Ms. Steinman descended from a distinguished family. Her father was a direct descendant, maternally and paternally, from Charlemagne, 768 A.D. Louise was a member of the Society of Descendants of Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and the National Society of Magna Charta Dames by virtue of the lineal descent through her mother and father from two barons of England. She was also a member of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

Ms. Steinman’s interests included traveling, antiques, flowers and showing saddle horses. She was also engaged in a wide variety of civic affairs during her lifetime.

Before her death, Louise was a Director on the Boards of the companies comprising Steinman Communications and Vice President of Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. She was also Chairman and Trustee of the James Hale Steinman Foundation. Louise was involved in the Lancaster community as a sustaining member of the Junior League of Lancaster, an honorary Director of the Rockford Foundation, a Gray Lady at Lancaster General Hospital and worked with the Fulton Theatre restoration group.

In 1974, she created the Louise Steinman von Hess Foundation to preserve historic and architecturally significant buildings in Lancaster County. While Chairman of its Board of Trustees, the foundation’s first project was to engage the nation’s most respected architects to restore the historic Wright Mansion in Columbia, Pennsylvania, to its original period.  In 1977, the foundation purchased the historic Sehner-Ellicott House located at 123 N. Prince, St., Lancaster, which dates to 1790 and into which the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County moved after the foundation’s restoration was complete.

In 1979, Ms. Steinman organized the Louise von Hess Foundation for Medical Education with a mission to provide continuing education in medicine for physicians of Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

Louise McClure Steinman died nearly eighteen years after James Hale Steinman on November 12, 1980.