Benefits and demerits of vaping

Benefits and demerits of vaping

There are both benefits and demerits of vaping which will be discussed in the following article.

Benefits of vaping

  • Flavors: The biggest benefit of vaping primarily for young people is the wide range of flavors available. The flavors for vaping include fruity flavors, mint flavor, desserts, drinks, methanol flavor, tobacco flavor, etc. Also, there is an added advantage and that is if the flavors available are not liked by you then you can create your own juice of vape.
  • Safer: Vaping is considered safer as compared to cigarette smoking. There is no burning is vaping and because of that no smoke is formed. Due to smoke, the tar and CO is created and because of that prolonged health harm from smoking is done. The benefits of health in which there is no smoke are the better operation of lungs, etc.
  • Odors: Even if you do vaping, there would be no odor especially on your clothes. Vaping has a smell and odor that is very much different from the odor of smoke that is old and cigarettes. Even the vapes that has flavoring of tobacco doesn’t have odor similar to flaming tobacco. This is also considered as the biggest benefit of vaping.

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Demerits of vaping


A person who has just started vaping will be overwhelmed because of the endless choices he has. In case of cigarettes, you buy a cigarette from any brand and start smoking. Whereas, in case of vaping, there are a number of flavors and various types of vapes. All these things make it difficult for a person to choose.


In some countries, there are some restrictions and laws related to vaping. This is why you might not be able to get vaping of your choice in terms of flavors and types. Also, the availability would be less and because of that the prices could get high if the demand is high.

Teen problem

Vaping is becoming a problem in teenage children. The teenage children are becoming addicted to vaping because since it comes in various flavors and tastes, the teenage children cannot resist themselves. They want to try different tasty flavors and after doing so they become addicted to it which is quite a big problem.

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