Know when to replace your car battery

Know when to replace your car battery

Every mechanical change needs an energy source that offers power for its movement. In case of automobiles, battery is the source of power for every part of the car that requires electricity to work. This includes the ignition system, air conditioning, stereo, and headlights etc. One who has experienced sudden battery dying out or it becoming out-of-order can understand its importance very well.

Now-a-days most cars include GPS systems and various high-tech features that work with the help of a battery. When your automobile battery becomes faulty or dead, none of these high-tech features would function. To avoid such situations, you must know all the signs that indicate your car battery is about to die. Like all other parts of your car, batteries also have a specific lifespan you need to replace them within.

Refurbished Batteries

Replacing car batteries does not have to be replaced with the new ones only. Refurbished batteries are a good alternative for replacement. They are easily available and cost less than the new ones apart from coming with great performance.

A Few Symptoms of Car Battery Failure

Know the testing methods of your car battery replacement, to understand whether the battery is performing well or not. A voltmeter is used to know the voltage output, with and without a load. If the voltage drops below 12 Volt without load, your car battery needs an urgent replacement.

Moreover, the cranking sound and difficulty while starting the car, are also some symptoms that indicate an urgent car battery replacement.

The Perfect Time

There is no such perfect time for a change car battery dubai or elsewhere. It depends upon several factors like the maintenance, amount of usage, climatic conditions and quality of the battery. If any of these go wrong, it is time for a quick replacement of your car battery. Automobile mechanics also recommend to change the battery once in every three to four-years.

Faulty batteries can be replaced with reconditioned batteries, but the one that has a warranty. The warranty means that the battery is of good quality and will run for a longer time.

Apart from all above, the best way of determining the replacement time of a car battery, is through inspection. Considering all the symptoms it is decided upon when to replace the battery.