How is acupuncture a good solution to depression?

How is acupuncture a good solution to depression?

Are you tired of taking depression and anxiety treatments to cope with side effects? You are looking for other ways of healing? Are you working to get your body back to balance and energy?

You can then learn acupuncture for yourself. The Dubai physiotherapy clinic has been the best solution to relieve the depression and anxiety you’re caught into.

The two most prevalent mood disorders are anxiety and depression, where approximately 1/3 of patients do not respond to standard treatments, such as medications and psychotherapy. Many individuals are therefore looking for new ways to handle their mood problems, like Eastern Medicine practise.

Acupuncture is not a treatment but can help relieve the effects of depression and anxiety when used as an integrative method for keeping the whole body healthy. However, what about acupuncture? Let’s get to the point directly.

What does acupuncture mean?

1. It’s going to work! Acupuncture can substantially decrease the severity of depression, as determined by the Hamilton depression rating scale or Beck Depression Inventory, by meta-analysis of a number of studies on acupuncture and depression.

2. It is a toxic opioid substitute. The results on acupuncture are virtually non-negative. It will encourage you to cure depression spontaneously as part of a holistic approach to depression management.

3. It activates endorphins and releases endorphins. Did you ever learn of a high runner? You also get the amazing sensation of endorphins during exercise. Endorphins are a hormone which acts as a natural body pain murderer. The body triggers a reaction in the immune system if needles are stuck into sensory nerves just under the surface of the skin.

4. For pregnant mothers, this is a safe choice. You will want to limit or remove the intake of drugs to avoid adverse side effects in your child while you are expecting a child. Acupuncture has been found to be an effective alternative for pregnant women who don’t want drugs.

5. The inflammation can be reduced. Because the needle functions as tiny lesions around the body, acupuncture induces the immune system to respond to the minor invasions through anti-inflammatory steps. Chronic inflammation leaves you down. There is growing evidence.

6. It’s beautiful. Yep, it’s a nice feeling to have hundreds of little needles embedded in your body! The acupuncture visits of most patients are highly therapeutic and are often even dormant during the session.

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